Let’s take a look at the Springfield XDM Compact and how the interchangeable backstraps are removed swapped out to better fit your hand… But before we do, as AlWAYS, visually and physically inspect the firearm to be sure it’s unloaded and safe to handle. We recommend removing the slide after the safety check is completed.

READY!!? GO!!!

You’ll need a few tools for this easy task.

  1. A 3-32″ punch (seems to fit just right)
  2. A hammer (old with a bit of rust is OK)
  3. The chosen backstrap that you wish to install
  4. Your new TALON grip to install over the chosen backstrap

Using the punch and hammer go ahead and remove the roll pin that’s located on the lower side of the backstrap. A few taps should do it, if it takes more than that be cautious not to damage anything. Once the roll pin is removed, pull the bottom of the backstrap away from the frame. You should now be able to easily remove it.









Next, we’ll want to locate the included backstraps from Springfield. The backstraps are all marked I (small), II (medium), and III (large) on the underside of each backstrap. Once you have selected what backstrap fits your hand best, move forward with the install. You’ll do this the same way you removed the original. Replace the roll pin to be sure things are secure.

The final step is to install your new TALON grip and you’re done! Be sure to do a quick function check and you’re off to the range!


How To: Changing the backstraps on your XDM

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