Have you noticed on the TALON Slide Grip page for the Beretta Pico it states “Older Model” on the product page?  What does this mean?

It is a bit hard to tell the different generations of the Pico, so the easiest way is to look at the serration pattern on the slide.  Below you will find photos of both the “Older Model” and the “Newer Model” so you can see the difference.

Older Model of Beretta Pico
Newer Model of Beretta Pico

As you can see in these images, the Newer Model has tall serrations that extend all the way up the vertical face of the slide and the Older Model has shorter serrations.  There are also much fewer serrations on the Newer Model (only 7 serrations) vs the Older Model.

The grip is virtually the same on both of these versions and the TALON Gun Grip will fit both models and is available for purchase here.

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TALON Slide Grip for the Beretta Pico

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