TALON Slide Grip for the Beretta Pico

Have you noticed on the TALON Slide Grip page for the Beretta Pico it states “Older Model” on the product page?  What does this mean?

It is a bit hard to tell the different generations of the Pico, so the easiest way is to look at the serration pattern on the slide.  Below you will find photos of both the “Older Model” and the “Newer Model” so you can see the difference.

Older Model of Beretta Pico
Newer Model of Beretta Pico

As you can see in these images, the Newer Model has tall serrations that extend all the way up the vertical face of the slide and the Older Model has shorter serrations.  There are also much fewer serrations on the Newer Model (only 7 serrations) vs the Older Model.

The grip is virtually the same on both of these versions and the TALON Gun Grip will fit both models and is available for purchase here.

If you have questions about this please Contact Us

How To: Changing the backstraps on your XDM

Let’s take a look at the Springfield XDM Compact and how the interchangeable backstraps are removed swapped out to better fit your hand… But before we do, as AlWAYS, visually and physically inspect the firearm to be sure it’s unloaded and safe to handle. We recommend removing the slide after the safety check is completed.

READY!!? GO!!!

You’ll need a few tools for this easy task.

  1. A 3-32″ punch (seems to fit just right)
  2. A hammer (old with a bit of rust is OK)
  3. The chosen backstrap that you wish to install
  4. Your new TALON grip to install over the chosen backstrap

Using the punch and hammer go ahead and remove the roll pin that’s located on the lower side of the backstrap. A few taps should do it, if it takes more than that be cautious not to damage anything. Once the roll pin is removed, pull the bottom of the backstrap away from the frame. You should now be able to easily remove it.









Next, we’ll want to locate the included backstraps from Springfield. The backstraps are all marked I (small), II (medium), and III (large) on the underside of each backstrap. Once you have selected what backstrap fits your hand best, move forward with the install. You’ll do this the same way you removed the original. Replace the roll pin to be sure things are secure.

The final step is to install your new TALON grip and you’re done! Be sure to do a quick function check and you’re off to the range!


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Springfield barrel length VS grip size

One of our most frequently asked questions, is “what grip do I need for my Springfield”? Springfield lists their firearms with both the barrel length and the frame size. The thing to keep in mind when ordering TALON grips for your firearm is the frame size/height instead of barrel length. The frame height is the length of the actual handle on your firearm. It’s also worth mentioning that you will want to order for the size backstrap you’ll be running. Those two things combined will ensure the proper fit of your TALON grips.

In the below image we are comparing the XDM Elite full-size, with the compact version. The barrel lengths are identical on each model. You will also see a significant difference in frame height. This image makes it very clear to see the height differences from frame to frame.

Now that you’re able to determine what frame you have, check out all the Springfield grips we have to offer! If you would like to compare more firearms side by side, a great resource is handgunhero.com

Stay tuned for more posts on how to determine your backstrap size.


TALON and Ruger

At TALON Grips, we are so thankful for our industry partners that help drive success. We believe these partnerships are a win-win, helping one another succeed. About a month before its release, our good friend at Ruger sent us a frame for the LCP MAX. He asked us kindly to design a TALON Grip to coincide with the launch of the Ruger LCP Max. We are honored by the confidence that Ruger has in our ability to get the job done and get it done right!

We are happy to announce that the TALON Grips for Ruger’s new LCP MAX are now available! The grips can be purchased from us directly OR at shopruger.com.

Just as Ruger has done for many years, TALON Grips is pleased to offer you a high-quality American-made product!


How to change Taurus GX4 Backstraps

Let’s take a look at the backstraps for the all-new Taurus GX4. In this brief discussion, we’ll show you the quick and easy removal and installation of your desired backstrap. Let’s get started!

As always check to be sure your firearm is clear and safe both visually and physically checking to be sure the chamber, breach, and magazines are all empty. Keeping in mind the 5 rules of firearm safety, proceed with the steps below.

Step One:

Using a punch, locate and remove the roll pin at the bottom of the backstrap area.  A 5/64 punch worked well for us.










Step Two:

Take off the installed backstrap by simply lifting from the bottom and pulling away from the frame.







Step Three:

Identify the 2 sizes and choose what you would like to install. The backstraps are not marked very clearly but with a simple side-by-side comparison, it’s easy to tell the difference in sizes.

Step four:

Install the desired backstrap, insert the roll pin using your 5/64 punch and GO SHOOT!

Driving Profits with Gun Accessory Sales

2020 and 2021 saw an unprecedented demand for firearms and ammunition. The combination of domestic protests and the Coronavirus outbreak lead to consumers stockpiling ammunition and a surge of first time gun buyers into the marketplace. Demand heavily outpaced supply and there is still no end in sight to the ammunition shortage. 

Gun store owners have been put in a predicament. There are a record number of customers coming through your doors, but how do you capitalize on all these customers without a proper supply of firearms and ammunition? Many stores have limited ammunition purchases to 2 boxes per customer. Some stores and ranges that offer memberships have instituted a “members only ammo vault” to make sure their most loyal customers have access to ammunition.

Stocking your store with the right firearm accessories can be a way to not have your customers leave empty handed when ammo is not on the shelves. Traditionally, margins on firearms and ammunition are in the 3% – 10% range. Firearms accessories such as grips, holsters, and cleaning kits have margins in the 40% – 60% range. 

When a customer comes into your store looking for ammunition, make sure your staff is asking them questions that may lead to an accessory purchase.

  • Do you have a good cleaning kit for your firearms?
  • How is the grip on your pistol? We have some affordable stick on grip options to easily upgrade the grip and feel of your pistol
  • Do you have a good everyday concealed carry holster that is comfortable?

Stocking your store and training your staff to sell high margin firearm accessories is a great way to increase your stores profitability, make sure your shelves are not empty during the ammunition shortage and bring value to your loyal customers.

What is the TALON Evolution line?

The main feedback we hear from retailers when it comes to stocking gun accessories is the need to limit SKUs. We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to offer our revolutionary Evolution line of multi-fit gun grips.

  • Consolidates 63 TALON Grips into 13 SKU’s
  • Comes in our new revolutionary PRO Grip Material
  • Captures 70% of all TALON Grips sales
  • Our flat packaging leaves you plenty of room on your shelves for additional products
  • 1-2 business day turnaround time
If you would like to learn more about our products and retailer packages you can give us a ring at 720-452-9440 or email sales@talongrips.com

TALON Grips Shipping FAQs

Where is my TALON Grips order?

Thank you for your order.  Now we just need to get it to you!  We ship all orders out same day if you order by 11 AM Mountain Time (Monday-Friday not inclucing holidays).  If you order after 11 AM it will ship next business day.  See the table below for our normal (non-holiday) shipping schedule.  When you get your order depends on which shipping method you choose.

Free Shipping

If you select our Free Shipping (US Postal Service First Class – No Tracking), your order will arrive in your mailbox in a brown 6″ x 9″ envelope with a window that will display your name and address.  Orders can take up to 2 weeks to arrive, but most often arrive quicker than that.  If you do not see your order after 14 days, please email info@talongrips.com.


FedEx 2 Day

If you select FedEx 2 Day, it should arrive in 2 business days.  So if you order it on a Tuesday before 11 AM, it will arrive at your house by Thursday night.  You will also receive a tracking number for your convenience to be able to track your package.  FedEx 2 Day is available for any order for just $8.00 and it is a free upgrade on orders over $75.

FedEx International Priority

International orders will be shipped via FedEx International Priority.  These rates vary and are calculated based on the discounted rate that FedEx will charge us to get these items to your location.  We have shipped grips to Canada, Mexico, and many countries in Europe for less than $20 USD, but depending on your location these rates can vary substantially.  This is the only service we currently offer for our international orders.