The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office recently participated in the TALON Grips T&E Program and reviewed TALON Grips on their duty weapons. Following is their feedback:

“I received the above item (TALON Grip) for a test evaluation for our large handgun option as well as our concealed carry option for our covert units. We received both the rubber and the granulate version. The test weapons were Glock 22 and 43 both Gen4.

Due to the different stock grips of each gun and the nature of how same is carried the Talon grip choice should be pretty obvious. The Glock 43 is an IWB gun that has very little texture to the stock grip. In the situation I preferred the rubber Talon grip. ”

Read the rest of the review here

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The Chatham County NC Sheriff’s Office Reviews TALON Grips

One thought on “The Chatham County NC Sheriff’s Office Reviews TALON Grips

  • Well I couldn’t agree more with the Sheriffs evaluation. I just finished installing the rubber ones on my wife’s Glock 43 and on my MP Shield .. They made a world of difference since we both carry concealed.

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