1911TALON Grips has released the newest grip for the front strap on the Mil-Spec 1911 platform.  These grips are available in both rubber and granulate textures and offer a much improved purchase from the bottom of the trigger guard to the top of the magazine well on the front strap.  “There are other much more expensive options out there, but we feel like we can fill the gap in this market in an affordable manner” said Mike Morris, president of TALON Grips.  Other options include front strap coverings or checkering the front strap (which can cost up to $300 or more).

The TALON Grip for 1911 front strap is a great way to improve the purchase on this firearm without adding bulk or permanently modifying your 1911.  Installation is super easy for Mil-Spec 1911 there is no modification needed.  You just remove the side panels, clean the surface with the provided alcohol pad, let it dry, stick it on, warm and press it on, and replace the side panels.

At only $4.99, click here and order yours today!

TALON Grips for 1911?
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