The instructors at the Sig Academy have spoken and TALON Grips will soon be available for purchase at the Pro Shop.  Sig Academy Instructor and Team Sig Competitive Shooter Tony Caspers said, “I have used many different grips over the years operationally and competitively. Talon Grips has had the best fit and durability I have ever used. They are a must have on my duty and competitive weapons!”

Adam Spector, Director of Marketing at TALON Grips said, “We are very excited to have more manufacturers offering TALON Grips right through their site and/or pro shop.  We started out with Steyr and Ruger, and now more and more manufacturers are recognizing the difference TALON Grips make in the shooters experience.  From elite competitive shooters to first timers, everyone benefits from having a better grasp on the firearm.”

Team w Tony C SHOT 2016Tony-CaspersComp-Jersey

TALON Grips will be featured in the Sig Academy Pro Shop

2 thoughts on “TALON Grips will be featured in the Sig Academy Pro Shop

  • I recently added TALON grips to my scompact SIG 250, a real improvement. I’m glad to see the pro shop offering them. I suggest they have a few SIGs on hand with the new grips applied. Once a customer tries the non-grip vs the grip-applied model, I know which he or she will decide to buy.

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