Pink-ShieldOne question that we are often asked is can I get TALON Grips in other colors?  Gun manufacturers have been adding additional colors to their polymer handgun lines for years, and often times customers are looking for a grip to match that particular color.

For a couple of years we offered our grips in Pink Granulate in addition to Black Rubber and Black Granulate.  There were several challenges that we faced with this offering:

  • All of our grips are cut on a CNC Laser Engraver/Cutter.  Because of this the edges of the material are often slightly burned.  Black on black you don’t see, but burnt edges on another color material can not meet our expectations.
  • When applying the concept, of burning the material by cutting with a laser, to the rubber material the resulting discoloration is even more apparent.
  • The color from manufacturer to manufacturer can vary greatly.  The Flat Dark Earth (FDE) that Glock uses is different than the FDE found on a Springfield and both of those are different than the color that Smith & Wesson calls FDE.
  • Shooting is a dirty activity and our hands get dirty and the grips in return get dirty.  Black looks black whether it is clean or dirty.

For the time being, TALON Grips will continue to offer all of their grips in black only (for granulate and rubber textures).  However, the black grips look great especially on colored firearms.

FDE-Glock  TALON-GripsPink-Nano

Can I get TALON Grips in other colors?

7 thoughts on “Can I get TALON Grips in other colors?

  • My son who is a armor for a local PD . Started using Talon grips on his guns, and so did most of his PD started using them. My son told m,e about them and being i sweat a lot i ended up buying them on all my pistols. Actually bought them for a couple of my FNS 9 AND i know your going to say FNH pistols have aggressive grips already, they do but because of a blood thinner i take they are actually to aggressive for my hands. Well with the rubberized Talon grips i put on my FNH pistols, they shoot great and no sweat.Thanks guys at Talon grips for any concern w/ your product because they are only a phone call away. Believe me guys and girls, this is one hell of a company and product. That’s why they are on ALL MY GUNS.

  • Ralph, you and your son are correct. I carry the FNS 40. The Talon grips are great, less aggressive for practice
    I do wish they would make them with a mild redish color.

    1. Thank you for the request. Unfortunately we don’t make grips in that pattern. We have some new things in the works that you may like so keep an eye on our newsletter and social media.


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