Archery season, it’s a time of year we talk about and look forward to with rabid enthusiasm. We run up and down mountains to get in shape,  get firewood for the winter, and get caught up on the honey do list to make sure we can justify the extra time spent out of the house. Wives become archery widows and we don’t see our kids as much as we would like because of one thing, archery hunting.

The addiction is fed by the challenge, being on a primal mission, and spending time outside during the most beautiful time of year. Although harvesting an animal is far from guaranteed archery season is incredibly satisfying.

We all agree what makes archery hunting so special isn’t the just hunt but the experiences you have in nature with all kinds of wildlife, not just what you’re hunting.  Some of my favorite and most memorable archery seasons haven’t ended in harvesting an animal but are packed full of incredible experiences in nature.

As of the writing of this post none of the hunters in the office have harvested any big game however one grouse has been bagged.

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

Mike K Grouse s

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