If you’ve looked at the Glock pictures on our website within the past week you may have noticed something different, they rotate 360 degrees. The 360 rotation consists of 72 still images linked together into an almost seamless view of our grips installed on a firearm. You can click through all 72 images using the forward and back buttons or watch a short video by clicking the play button at the bottom of the image. A ultra close up of the grips can be seen by clicking the magnifying glass at the bottom of the picture. The 360 view works on computers and mobile devices.

Incorporating the 360 image view functionality on Glocks is the first step. We are working our way through approximately 250 more products with 3 grip options each; Rubber-Black, Rubber-Moss, and Granulate-Black. We have a sobering 750 more products that need to be photographed. Keep checking back, maybe your firearms will be the next to go 360.

We hope this makes your shopping experience at TALON Grips even better.

Below is a video of how the 360 view is created



TALON Does A 360

2 thoughts on “TALON Does A 360

  • Greetings from Texas, This is Gary Taylor ,a good customer and i like the way you demonstrated the Gen 5 Glock 360 grip process. I have a problem I would like you to try and help me with. I would like to see you help with a Mossberg 500. theses shotguns come in many variations, however,the forearm pump handle has no stipling or anything to act as a grip and the factory forearm for most all of the 12 gauge 500’s are the same. I would send a picture but I barely know how to send the message. My question is can you build something to fill in the space where the fingers hold on to the forearm. It is approximately 6 1/2″ long x 3/4″ groove and is smooth. With all of the Mossberg 500’s out there, it could prove to be a good seller. Anyway, i was wondering if you decide not to make it, I would like to purchase a piece of rubber material with dimensions like the ones I described , for both sides of forearm, in one square piece and i can cut it out to fit. I talk up my handguns that are Talonized and in great hopes you will help me.

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