On a summer trip to Grand Forks North Dakota our family was riding bikes on the Greenway Trail that meanders along the Red River. A police officer on a bike approached and said “can I talk to you?” I whispered to my wife “I hope you don’t get a ticket for not wearing your helmet!” Fortunately I was wrong and the officer approached our 7 year old daughter who had big eyes wondering why this imposing figure of authority was coming up to her. The officer said “thank you for wearing your helmet, I’d like to give you a citation for a free ice cream cone at a local ice cream shop. Her wide eyed fear quickly disappeared and was replaced by a big smile.

We learned from the officer that the Grand Forks the police department gives kids who wear helmets while cycling, skateboarding, and rollerblading (they still do it in Grand Forks!) a citation for free ice cream cones.

We liked the idea so much so we approached the local Steamboat Springs Police Chief with the idea and he loved it.

Now, the Steamboat Springs Police Department and Sheriff are handing out citations to kids that wear their helmets.

We like that the program rewards kids for doing something that benefits their safety and the positive interaction between the officers and kids, creatings long lasting good will and memories.

TALON Grips is proud to fund the Cones from Cops program.

TALON Grips Supports Ice Cream Cones From Cops

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