All TALON Grips are now rear wrap style grips. We have changed all our front wrap designs to backstrap specific rear wrap style grips. We are always striving to to make our grips perform better in real world situations. Rear wrap style grips have the following characteristics:

  • Excellent durability
  • Extensive grip area coverage
  • Easier installation, no trimming needed
  • Backstrap specific designs for a perfect fit
  • The grip’s seam is moved to front of the left side panel
Springfield Armory XDm 9
Springfield Armory XDm 9 with Small Backstrap
FNH FNX 45 with Small Backstrap
FNH FNX 45 with Small Backstrap
The Evolution Of The Gun Grip, All Grips are Rear Wrap Style Including FNH, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Walther

6 thoughts on “The Evolution Of The Gun Grip, All Grips are Rear Wrap Style Including FNH, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, and Walther

  • I have the rubberized grips on four of my pistols, the latest being my Sig Sauer P320. I have just ordered for another pistol this week. Though drawing has nothing to do with shooting, each is a different skill set, I know from a great deal of practice and requalifying that getting the grip on the pistol in the draw is essential to moving the handgun to the target! The Talon Grip enables me to achieve firm control of my handgun as I drive it from the holster, clearing the top of it, meeting and greeting the weapon with my non-strong hand, and moving to the target. I have no doubt that I would have a sure grip from a concealable position!

  • The grips make the aggressive factory grip on my XDS a pleasure to handle and shoot also the grips last way longer than I ever imagined they would. If you have a pistol that is a little slippery or a little more aggressive than you like, these grips will change how well you can grip your weapon they are truly amazing! Thank you Talon Gun Grips for an awesome product!!!!

  • I recently upgraded a Sig P250-SC that came with the standard small grip frame with the aftermarket medium sized grip frame offered by Sig Sauer. I had Talon Grips on the small frame which greatly improved the purchase, but I felt I needed the bigger grip size to shoot better, and I was happy right out of the gate — except it lacked the Talons on my first trip to the range with the new grip.

    When I slapped the Talon’s on the new grips, my performance increased dramatically–especially later in the session when my hands were moist with sweat as well being more fatigued! The Talons give a secure purchase while retaining the ergonomics that Sig designed and the result is tighter groups, fewer fliers, and more confidence in follow-up shots in extended sessions. Every polymer pistol frame begs for marvelous grips — I can hardly believe its a sub-compact as the shooting consistency and accuracy improve so dramatically thanks to the right grip size and the addition of Talon Grips. This Sig is a real fine shooter now, thanks!

  • I have had them on my glock 17 for a few years aqnd believe me they make a huge difference, I qualify each year (police) range I am 65+ have never shot better the grip gives you confidence besides the grip

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