TALON Grips was founded out of necessity for a better grip on LE department issued firearms. Creativity, attention to detail, and the constant desire for improvement have been are some of the guiding principles since TALON’s founding. We pride ourselves in making the best adhesive backed grips with unbeatable customer service.

We spent many years researching the best adhesives, grip materials, and production equipment. Our grip designs are detailed and provide extensive grip coverage. They provide unrivaled longevity and excel in the most extreme conditions. All our grips are extensively tested before releasing to the market. Every detail in our grips has a function.

Why TALON Grips?

  • The patented single piece wrap around design eliminates seams and minimizes unnecessary pieces, creating a more durable longer lasting grip
  • Single piece design simplifies installation
  • Tested and used by the US Military and Law Enforcement personnel throughout the world from sub-zero temperatures to hot humid jungles and extreme desert conditions (NTOA rating of 4.81 out of 5)
  • Easy to remove with no damage therefore they maintain the firearm manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Unbeatable customer service, with prompt responses via email and real person availability at 970 879 9600
  • Industry leading detailed weapon specific grips
  • Produced with the best quality materials and cutting technologies available
  • Available in over 270 countries
  • Experienced and passionate design team
  • 100% Made in USA
  • In house design, research and development, quality control, sales, marketing, shipping, and customer service

We are on a never ending quest to improve our grips to provide exceptional in action performance and longevity that is unrivaled in the industry.  From the handwritten “thank you” to the diligently packaged order, we greatly appreciate the continued support of each and every customer that we serve.

Talon Crew May 2016

Why Choose TALON Grips?

One thought on “Why Choose TALON Grips?

  • Talon staff:
    I am thoroughly enjoying the grips on my handguns! The ease of which I can grip and draw my off duty weapon is confidence lifting. In training on the range, I consistently find a degree of certainty
    in drawing, breaking and clearing the top of my IWB holster, meeting and greeting at the grip point and driving my handgun to the target swiftly. It’s in the grip! The grip mitigates muzzle movement. I believe the grips add to my handguns have been a key factor in improving my shooting skills. I also appreciate your customer support for its spot on understanding and delivery of what I needed.

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