By Jay Chambers

If we are to take a look at some statistics, it is clear that people feel the need for protection – a survey made in 2013 showed that 48% of gun owners have purchased a weapon solely for protection.

The next highest percentage comes from those that purchased hunting gear – 32% and only 7% of people bought a gun for either target or sport shooting. It is safe to assume that protection is what most people seek nowadays.

Moreover, given the various incidents that happen these days, we can expect that 48% percentage to have gone significantly higher. It’s not that the world is increasingly dangerous, it’s that the need for protection became so crucial that people won’t turn their back to weapons that make them feel safer.

Today, we’ll be talking about why exactly people need better means of protection. We’ll also introduce you to a 4-step guide that you should take into consideration if you are a first-time weapon owner/buyer and wish to further protect yourself, your family, and the guns in your possession.

Safety Is Paramount

Looking more into statistics, we came across a study that shows exactly what both non-gun owners and gun owners think about guns. To be more specific, it tells what feeling they have knowing that there is a firearm available in case something goes wrong.

People who personally own a gun expressed their thoughts in the following way: 79% of them stated that owning or having a gun in your household makes you feel safer, 78% stated that it is something they enjoy, while only 7% said that it makes them feel uncomfortable.

On the other hand, people who don’t own a gun, but have someone in their household owning one, expressed the following: 65% claimed that it makes them feel safer, 43% said that it is something they enjoy, while only 9% said that it makes them feel uncomfortable.

As we can see, safety comes with the highest percentages.

What Should We Understand by Better Protection?

Obviously, when we talk about protection, we don’t refer to our protection only – as in, the protection and safety that owning a gun provides us with. As we all know, guns can cause accidents as well.

Therefore, everyone that has a gun in their vicinity should feel safe and protected, not only the person that owns a gun. In this respect, let’s now talk about that 4-step guide we mentioned earlier in our article.

We’ll showcase what you, as a first-time weapon buyer/owner should do to make sure that you are capable of ensuring the safety of everyone around you. Obviously, there will be information here for those that already own a gun as well – so keep on reading.

  1. Buying the Gun

When you’re buying a gun, you must be sure that it is indeed a responsibility that you want to take. If you are afraid of guns but think that you would feel safer if you had a gun, it is better if you look for alternative ways to protect yourself.

If you are sure that you can handle this responsibility, then head to a certified, reputable, and trustworthy gun store. You will want to be greeted by a person that knows their job better than you know your own home – a retired cop, for example, a veteran, or anyone that has been around guns for a long period of time.

When you’re buying a weapon for protection, make sure to mention that to the one selling you the gun. They will tell you their story too, as well as any other insight that may be useful for you.

  1. After Purchase Procedure

Obviously, you don’t head straight home after you buy your gun. Not only that you have to make sure that it fits you, but you also have to learn how to shoot it and see how it works.

In most cases, the gun store will be equipped with a shooting range that you can use to test your new gun all day long. An instructor – most likely the one that sold you the gun – will be by your side, teaching you everything you have to know.

Listen to their words carefully and never let your mind drift off. They will tell you how to keep yourself and the others around you safe.

If you feel the need to do so, purchase ammo and shoot at paper targets all day long. This way, you will acknowledge the power of the gun and get accustomed to it.

  1. Gun Discipline

The one rule that you should be told and that you must remember at all times is to treat the gun as if it were always loaded. This statement in itself could have prevented a lot of accidents. The next rule would be: only point it towards things that you intend to open fire at.

In short, never play with your firearm and pay attention to gun discipline. Your finger should be on the trigger only if you want to shoot in the next 5 seconds.

  1. Gun Safety

When it comes to gun safety, all of the above apply. However, for this specific step, we refer to the best gun safes. There are dozens of options in terms of keeping the gun away from everybody else but yourself.

As mentioned above, better protection doesn’t mean being able to scare away home invaders. You must also keep your family safe from the dangers that come with owning a gun.

In this respect, it is highly recommended that you guard your weapon or weapons in a safe and that you spend a lot of time getting proper training with each and every one of them.

Concluding Remarks

Given the world we live in, with ups and downs and so many unforeseen incidents, it is important for us to feel and be safe. Carrying a gun will not, by any means, turn you into a dangerous person.

However, always keep in mind that you must be comfortable with yourself, with your gun, and overall with you owning such a powerful item. This way, you can make sure that you and those around you are safe.

Why People Need Better Protection – The 4-Step Guide

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