TALON Grips now has grips for the Ruger American 9 mm and .45 ACP. Grips are backstrap specific so you get a perfect TALON fit. The American’s frame size is the same on the 9 mm and the .45 ACP allowing the same grip to fit both calibers.

  • Small Backstrap- Item #511
  • Medium Backstrap- Item #509
  • Large Backstrap- Item #510

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TALON Grips was created by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and armorer to enhance shooter comfort, consistency, and retention in order to enhance the shooting experience. The patented TALON Grips designs provide maximum coverage with minimal bulk.  The increased interface between the user and the platform improves weapon retention, encourages quicker target acquisition, more accurate follow up shots with better recoil mitigation.

Founded in 2009 and located in Steamboat Springs, CO, TALON Grips are 100% made in USA. TALON Grips are available in rubber and granulate textures for over 200 firearms at select retailers or direct at


Ruger American Grips Now Avaiable

2 thoughts on “Ruger American Grips Now Avaiable

  • Ordered talons for my steyr c9a1. Changed the whole gun for the better. I love this product. Hate soldering iron stippled polymer frame guns. This is a wonderful alternative. Going to order more for my other guns. Hk vp9, shield, etc. Quick shipping. Only regret…….wish I had thought of it.

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