2020 and 2021 saw an unprecedented demand for firearms and ammunition. The combination of domestic protests and the Coronavirus outbreak lead to consumers stockpiling ammunition and a surge of first time gun buyers into the marketplace. Demand heavily outpaced supply and there is still no end in sight to the ammunition shortage. 

Gun store owners have been put in a predicament. There are a record number of customers coming through your doors, but how do you capitalize on all these customers without a proper supply of firearms and ammunition? Many stores have limited ammunition purchases to 2 boxes per customer. Some stores and ranges that offer memberships have instituted a “members only ammo vault” to make sure their most loyal customers have access to ammunition.

Stocking your store with the right firearm accessories can be a way to not have your customers leave empty handed when ammo is not on the shelves. Traditionally, margins on firearms and ammunition are in the 3% – 10% range. Firearms accessories such as grips, holsters, and cleaning kits have margins in the 40% – 60% range. 

When a customer comes into your store looking for ammunition, make sure your staff is asking them questions that may lead to an accessory purchase.

  • Do you have a good cleaning kit for your firearms?
  • How is the grip on your pistol? We have some affordable stick on grip options to easily upgrade the grip and feel of your pistol
  • Do you have a good everyday concealed carry holster that is comfortable?

Stocking your store and training your staff to sell high margin firearm accessories is a great way to increase your stores profitability, make sure your shelves are not empty during the ammunition shortage and bring value to your loyal customers.

Driving Profits with Gun Accessory Sales

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