Get ahead of the holiday rush and get your shopping done so you can sit back and enjoy the season. We have several new items including insulated H2O bottles, our Open Carry T-Shirt, and Gen 5 Glock grips. We offer an assortment of fun and functional items for the firearm enthusiast.

TALON Gift Certificate– Let your friends and family choose the TALON Grips and gear they want

Logo T– A timeless classic









Open Carry T– A T Shirt that makes a statement









TALON T–  Our most popular T Shirt









Insulated H2O Bottles– Available in the classic Logo/Get A Grip and the new “Guns” version.

Insulated Travel Mugs– Keep that hot beverage hot and cold beverage cold









Trucker Hats– Several different color schemes and one size fits all






















Gun Cleaning Mats– Protect your investment (Flash not included)

TALON Grips Gift Guide For Firearms Enthusiasts

7 thoughts on “TALON Grips Gift Guide For Firearms Enthusiasts

  • Thank you-I love Talon grips. Hickok turned me on to them. Thank god. I got rid of all those bulky , unstable slip-on rubber grips. I hold on to my guns better and shoot better. I do vary in taste, I like the rubber Talon grips. havent tried the sandpaper. The thought ofit just seem to bother me for some goffy reason-Shawn s.

  • Since watching Hickok 45 I have made some notable changes to the way I shoot. I wnt fron 115round nose to 214 &147GR 9mm. It makes sense as I kep in my carry rig 147gr JHP. It keeps me more accustom to what I may be working with , in the unfortunate situation, I need to stop a threat. I have learned more watching the “Godfather of Guns” than any one single resource I have come across in my life. There are many people that seem to agree with me. Thank you for you patience and unstoppable efforts.

  • How about a set of black rubber grips for the ATI Poly 1911 model FXH45. It has grooved finger grooves with the usual 1911 features. Just a thought. Love your products & I just rec’d. 2 others in past days. Keep up the fine products.

  • Video at the first 15 sec of your vids: Early Fall snow (Sept) or Late Winter (June)?
    I ran the Storm Mountain Ranch operation for a few years, from Wyoming but miss “The Boat”.
    Not Colorado, just Steamboat.
    Great products, thanks.

    1. Good eye, that’s an early fall snowfall.

      Now we’re getting the typical spring moisture consisting of rain in the valleys and a lot of snow up high. It’s good for the water content of the snowpack.


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