Sometimes we get grip requests for less popular or rare firearms. We can’t make grips for every firearm under the sun however, there is a solution. Get some grip material and make your own grip.

Making a grip is not difficult and can be a very satisfying project. There are several ways to make your own grip out of our grip material but the technique we’ve seen the best results from do-it-yourselfers is using a piece of paper to create a grip template.

You will need a pencil, masking tape, several sheets of paper, and sharp scissors or x-acto knife.

Step by step Instructions:

  1. Field strip the firearm.
  2. Lay the gun flat on a piece of paper and outline the side profile of the handle.
  3. Cut out the side panel profile outline with the scissors.
  4. Now that you have 1 side panel profile, cut out another identical side panel profile for the other side of the handle.
  5. Apply both of the side panel profiles to the gun’s handle with masking tape.
  6. Use paper to cover the frontstrap and backstrap area, connecting the side panels you’ve already cut out and applied to the firearm’s handle. Tape the paper frontstrap and backstrap to the gun’s handle.
  7. If the fontstrap and backstrap are not parallel you will have to cut relief cuts in the paper template  to get the paper grip to lie flat on the handle without creases.
  8. Determine where you want the seam in the grip to reside. If you are right handed the front of the left side panel is ideal. If you are left handed the front of the right side panel is ideal. Another option is to make the seam in the center of the backstrap.
  9. Once you have the template made and fitting the firearm well, remove the template and lay it on top of the backing side of the TALON Grip material. Trace the the template’s outline onto the grip material and cut out.
  10. Make sure you leave ample room around the magazine release for proper functioning.
  11. Follow the standard grip installation instructions.

Take your time, be patient and chances are you will make a great grip.

Get Some TALON Grip Material



Home Made FNH FNP 9 Grip
Home Made Raven Arms MP25 lr
Home Made Raven Arms MP25 lr Grip
Do it Yourself: Making A Grip Out Of A Sheet Of Material
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26 thoughts on “Do it Yourself: Making A Grip Out Of A Sheet Of Material

    1. Not to our knowledge. In the April 15 newsletter the survey question is “What color TALON Grip would you like to see?” Please give us your feedback, results will be in the May 1st newsletter.

      1. I do not know how difficult it is to produce Talon grip material, or how much more difficult it may be to produce it in varying colors, but I think it’d be kind of cool to see it made in colors that one could coordinate with, say Taran Tactical mag extensions.

        1. Thanks for the comment. We wish it was simple to do small batch custom color production runs of our grip material! There are different processes used to produce the Rubber, PRO, and Granulate grip materials. To keep the price down we do large runs of hundreds of linear yards at one time.

          We are always looking for ways to bring down the cost of small production run. If we find a solution we will be thrilled and so will our customers!

          Best regards,


  • Just a quick question. I’ve asked, and forwarded a picture, before of my problem but thought maybe new info might’ve been developed. I love the grips on my guns but the service Glock 22 gets lots of abrasive treatment by the seatbelt and other Unit equipment and ends up with a frayed grip at the “butt”. Last time you advised more of the “hair dryer” treatment, however so far it looks like I’m faced with just replacing the whole grip frequently. That particular part of the service weapon grip is especially vulnerable and I was hoping a mod might’ve been developed to address that. Thanks for your attention. Les

    1. Are you using rubber or granulate texture? The rubber has a bit more give and stretch which may help with the constant abrasion. Thank you for the feedback, it helps us make our products better.

  • Has anyone attempted to place Talon grips over a Hogue grip to get additional girth? Or do u feel it would not adhere well?

    1. I don’t think that would work due to the nature of silicone grips. They are “squishy” and wouldn’t give a solid surface for the grips to adhere to. I have seen hogue grips installed on top of TALON Grips with success.

  • Do you make a rubber grip for a Ruger American Ranch Rifle? I have one of those and a 10/22 with the finger grooved polymer atock, amd it gets slippery after shooting for a while.

    1. You must be watching us because Ruger sent us an American rifle stock and we just made a first prototype. It needs some refining but it’s off to a good start. We’ll announce when it’s complete in the newsletter.

  • Bought my 1st grip for my Glock23. Then bought sheet material and gripped my SigP230 and Blackhawk stocked Remington 870. Great product

  • Hey I just got a Beretta 92f and love my Wilson combat panels on the sides. But I would like the rubber texture on the backstrap and on the front under the trigger. Should I just buy the grip and cut what I need? Or should I get a shell of material from Talon and make me own?

  • I have The Walther PPS M1 and enjoy the gun very much. Lately I developed the “Bug” of wanting simulated wood grips for it. I don’t see Talon as having any of that type material so been thinking of contact paper and have a pattern to cut it out from another supplier but they don’t have genuine- simulated-fake wood either. Would contact paper work and be durable enough?

  • I have a Mossberg 590 Shockwave with the Raptor Grip.

    I notice that you make Talon Grips for for that model. However, I wasn’t crazy about the gaps between the sides and front and rear straps.

    My question is this – If I purchase a sheet of your material would it be possible for me to make a complete wrap around ?

    Thank you very much !!!
    Nick Kapnolas

    1. Hi Nick,

      Good question on the 590 Shockwave grip. The grip was a challenge to make due to the outside and inside radius curves present on the grip.

      We cut the grips out of a flat piece of material just like you would with a sheet of material. Due to the curves on the Shockwave grip we have to use relief cuts to get the material to lie down flat without creases. Due to the curves on the grip the material is pulled apart creating the spaces you mentioned. Since we cannot add material between the relief cuts there will be space between the grip material.



      1. Thanks Adam !!!

        Would it be possible to to use 2 or 3 pieces of material and make it in tight sections ?
        I know it would be costly this way, but would it work ?


  • I have a Ruger LCP 380 that I have added a Hogue grip sleeve to and it does not fit the shape of the magazine extension. Do you have any suggestions for how I can fix this? If I use your grip sleeve is there a magazine extension that will match the shape of the your grip sleeve?

    1. Jim,

      Thanks for the question. We make stick on grips for the LC380.

      We don’t offer anything that will make the extended magazine the same thickness of a LC380 with a grip sleeve installed. We offer LC9 extended mag grips that may work on the LC380 extended mag. You might have to do a little trimming.

      LC9 Extended Mag Grip
      LC380 Grip

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