STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colorado (November 14, 2016) – TALON Grips introduces Moss colored rubber grips to their industry leading line of adhesive backed firearm grips.

Moss is the first custom colored rubber grip added to the TALON Grips line. The new color enables TALON Grips users to customize the look of their firearms while improving their interface with the firearm for better performance.

All TALON Grips firearm specific grip designs will be available in Moss. The new product rollout will be graduated by brand to allow for production time. Initially the grips will be available directly from TALON Grips. Moss grips will be available to TALON Retailers beginning February 1, 2017.

The introduction of Moss is the result of customer demand. Flat Dark Earth (FDE) and Olive Drab (OD) are preferred colors in tactical and military circles which has driven demand in the private sector. With many manufacturers producing FDE and OD firearms, Moss is TALON Grips answer to the popularity of FDE.

“This is a project that has been in the works for several years, and we are excited to introduce Moss grips to our line.  Our team did an unbelievable job stepping up to each challenge and exceeding every expectation.  We believe the teamwork resulted in a product that lives up to our, and more importantly, our customers’ expectations, it is like nothing else on the market,” said Mike Morris, President of TALON Grips. He continued, “Sure, Moss TALON Grips looks great on FDE and OD firearms and it looks even better on black.”

TALON Grips received numerous samples of FDE, OD, Tan, and Grey from leading firearm manufacturers throughout the development of the new Moss color. TALON Grips Moss is not intended to match any particular manufacturer’s version of FDE.  “Our goal was to create a color that would complement as many manufacturers’ color interpretations as possible.  “We tested the color alongside most major manufacturers FDE and OD and believe customers will be as pleased with the color combinations as we are,” said Michael Morris.

With the introduction of the new color grips TALON Grips will be expanding its offerings from over 400 products to over 600 products.

About TALON Grips

TALON Grips was founded by a law enforcement officer, competitive shooter, firearms instructor, and armorer to enhance shooter comfort, consistency, and weapon retention.  The patented TALON Grips provide maximum grip coverage in custom designs for over 200 firearms.  The precisely cut designs are available in rubber and granulate textures for different applications and user preferences.

TALON Grips are the most versatile and functional grips in the firearms industry. The result is an unparalleled interface between users and their firearm in all conditions. Performance benefits include improved weapon retention, quicker target acquisition, more accurate follow up shots and better recoil mitigation.

Founded in 2009 and located in Steamboat Springs, CO, TALON Grips are 100% made in USA. TALON Grips are used by the US military, law enforcement, competitive shooters, and firearms enthusiasts. TALON Grips are available at select retailers or direct at


Moss Grip Material
Moss Grips on FDE and Black Glock
TALON Grips Introduces Rubber Moss Grips

18 thoughts on “TALON Grips Introduces Rubber Moss Grips

  • Thanks Guys !!! I’ve been eagerly awaiting these grips. I have your black grips on four of my pistols now. My new Springfield XD4 will feel so much better and look great as well !! Can’t wait until February !!
    Kris Spangler

  • I bought some pink grips for my wife M&P about a year ago and they keep wanting to come off again can’t get them to stick anymore is there any type of glue I can use

    1. Hi Jim,
      Sorry you are having issues with your wife’s TALON Grips. We don’t recommend using any aftermarket adhesives because the adhesives can become permanent parts of your gun.

      Please give us a call at 970 879 9600 or email us at and we’ll work with you.

      Best regards,


  • I’m a FFL dealer and have Talon Grips on all my personal handguns. And I recommend them to all
    my customers as well.
    Extraordinary product! Grip! price!!
    Mark B

    1. Hi Steve,
      We will look into an olive color. The Moss is an interesting color because it sometime appears tan, FDE, olive and brown depending on the lighting and the surroundings.

  • Just got my TALON grips for Bersa Thunder CC. You need to put a hole to provide acess to the grip screws. Just a suggestion. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied.

  • Nice product evolution with the rubber moss. But are there plans for the same color in the granulate? And if so, when will those be introduced?

  • Got these for my Ruger LC9S, really like the soft yet secure feel. These are great carry guns but the grip was just a bit slick feeling but not anymore. Excellent product and will order for my CZ next!

  • Nice…
    Got a Black Sub2000 (Glock 17) on order now and was looking for something to compliment the rifle and create a better grip….
    Saw an image of the Moss on Black on the website and that’s it…. I’m IN!
    I’ll be ordering a set for the Kel Tec!
    Nice job…. hope they come in Granulated too soon!

    1. There is a possibility. TO be honest we haven’t gotten a lot of requests for the Moss coloration in granulate texture but we will discuss.

      Best regards,


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