We make choices every day.  One of the first choices each day is choosing a drink. There are several good reasons most of us don’t start off the day with an adult beverage and unwind in the evening with hot cup of joe. The same applies to selecting the right grip texture for your firearm. This post will help you select the grip texture that fits your needs, shooting style, and carrying experience which will enhance your overall experience.

We offer Rubber, PRO, and Granulate grips.  All of the textures will improve your grip (or purchase) on your firearm, but each texture has specific strengths and optimum operating conditions.

The granulate texture provides a very positive grip in all conditions. It is very aggressive in nature and is often compared to skateboard tape or sandpaper. The granulate texture is typically preferred by those that open carry, shoot competitively, and/or use during tactical operations.  The granulate texture provides a distinct advantage over the polymer surface, however the sand paper-like finish can snag on clothing or cause discomfort when rubbing against skin.  Typically this texture is not recommended for concealed carry, although depending upon the individual carry setup, it may work for some individuals.

The PRO texture combines the best characteristics of the granulate and rubber textures. The PRO texture is comfortable enough for most people when carried against the skin in concealed carry applications and aggressive enough for competition use. This texture performs very well in wet or dry applications.

The rubber texture grip material provides a versatile grip that many shooters prefer over the granulate.  This material is a textured (pebble finish) rubberized material. It is not abrasive nor will it snag which makes it ideal for concealed carry.  It is comfortable against your skin, and many users have stated that it makes shooting more enjoyable (especially for smaller “snappy” firearms like the Springfield XD-S). The rubber texture is also preferred by many shooters with softer hands.

Granulate Characteristics

  • Provides a very positive grip on a firearm that is unrivaled in all conditions
  • Great for open holster carry (not concealed for most users)
  • Can be made less abrasive by sanding down with 120 g sandpaper prior to installing the grips
  • Abrasive feel

PRO Characteristics

  • Combines the best of the Granulate and Rubber textures in one grip
  • Provides a very positive grip on a firearms in wet and dry conditions
  • Comfortable for most people in concealed carry applications
  • Not abrasive
  • Will not print or snag on clothing
  • Extremely versatile

Rubber Characteristics

  • Ideal for concealed carry and/or open holster carry
  • Comfortable against skin
  • Does not snag or wear clothing
  • Extremely versatile
  • Softer feel
  • Most popular selling grip material

Watch TALON Talk TV to learn more about grip textures

Rubber-Texture  Granulate-Texture

What Grip Texture Is Best For You?

46 thoughts on “What Grip Texture Is Best For You?

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the addition of the granulate texture Talon Grips on my Glock 21 GEN 4! The positive purchase of this pistol when firing certainly contributes to my overall proficiency in target grouping my shots.

  • I have used the Talon grip since Talon first came out with them….and I like them…very much because they do not add additional thickness to the grips.
    Recently I tried the Pachmeyer tactical grip.. I like the feel very very much…soft yet firm and sticky.
    It does add a thickness…not much but I notice it.
    I have not tried Talon rubber grip…Is it sticky? I hope so since the stickiness adds to a secure feeling that the firearm is planted firmly and will stay there. Thank you

        1. Both the Rubber and granulate improve grip significantly over the polymer if you have sweaty hands. The granulate will perform better in most conditions but it has drawbacks. It is abrasive, similar to 100 grit sandpaper and not ideal for most concealed carry applications.


  • I have Talon grips on every pistol my wife and I own, and also on my go-to AR. I use the granulate grip on my bed side pistol, but all the others have the rubber texture. I will not own a pistol that doesn’t have Talon grips. LOVE THEM!!!

    1. I feel the same way!! Talon Grips FTW!!!

      23 year Army Veteran!!!!!

      All my handguns plus shotguns, and AR15/AK47 have Talon Grips!!

      1. What kind do you have on your shot gun? Sand paper feel ? Or rubber ? Thank you. And how does it feel? I just purchased a mossberg 590 and I was leaning towards the sand paper ones. It will be for recreational shooting.

        1. Thanks for the question. On a tactical shotgun like the Mossberg 590 which you don’t shoulder the granulate texture really shines allowing you to keep control. If you have a shotgun that you shoulder the rubber provides a lot of versatility.


  • The rubber helps with the snap of a G43. I pocket carry often and the sandpaper texture just dont work for me. I have severe arthritis and rubber really helps.

  • I bought the granulate grip for my XD 45, and loved it so much I went crazy buying grips. I haven’t put one on my EDC gun yet, and I’m glad I read this article first. When I do put one on my EDC, I’ll probably opt for the rubber texture. I love the granulate for NON-concealed carry though; they’re great!

  • Have you considered cut outs for the front and/or back of pistol grip for customizing? I want to carry with the rubber grip but would not mind a strip of granular material in front and back.
    -Old CSU alumni and Colorado hunter.

  • A quick suggestion PLZ.
    I ONLY shoot (H&K VP9) wearing Mexhanix 0.5 tactical gloves. I carry in a shoulder holster or OWB. Grip never touches skin.
    Would you reccomend Rubber or Ganulate. The gloves are great but do not provide any “grippyness” on the handle which I feel I need.

    1. Hi BJ,
      Good question. Both textures will provide a vast improvement. If you want the best possible grip the granulate will provide that however the granulate can wear through gloves. If you want more versatility, are concerned about printing, and want clothing to move over the grip the rubber will supply a greater grip yet still allow you to conceal. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with the added grip the rubber provides when using gloves.

  • I bought the Granulate for my P320 full-size. I actually didn’t know anything about the different textures when i bought it. I wish I had known about the rubberized texture at the time. The positive feel is great but it definitely does wear on the skin on my hip and my clothes. I bought the rubberized grip for the P320 Subcompact frame. If I like positive traction on that as much as this the granulated, I might consider replacing the tape on my full size.

    1. Try sanding the granulate grip lightly with 120 G sandpaper. It will take the high peaks of the granulate down and make the granulate texture a bit more tolerable for carrying. Be careful not to sand the polymer.

  • I recently purchased the granulated grip. Considering I have not put it on her, can I exchange it for the polymer grip?

    1. Hi Jack,

      Yes, you can send it back and we’ll replace it with a rubber grip. Please include a note with the return requesting the exchange.



  • I bought granulate grips for my ruger lc9s and my taurus tcp 738.i didn’t notice that there was an option for rubber at the time and thought I would send them back for rubber as soon as they arrived but as soon as I touched the granulate I immediately feel in love. It gives me such a positive grip. I’m sure that the rubber is just as amazing but I’m fully satisfied with the granulate.

    1. Each grip has it’s strengths. You cannot beat the grip that granulate provides, however if you CC rubber sure is nice!


  • Recently ordered a “Granulate-Black” grip by mistake; I wanted the rubber grip, was a little unsure what the “Rubber-Black” grip choice really meant and ordered the wrong one. You were great in helping to correct my mistake and I am very appreciative. I do think, however, that it would help your customers if the grip choices were a little more descriptive; i.e.
    Textured Rubber-Black
    (Description) Moss
    Non Slip Granulate-Black
    Just a suggestion: Might reduce returns. Thanks

  • Great grips, works great with my Blackhawk Serpa level 3 holster, no problem with skin or clothing, as for me that is the only way for every day carry.

    1. Hi Jack,

      Thanks for the question. Most people that compete in IDPA run our granulate grips. The texture provides the best no compromise grip. When you are trying to save time competing the less you have to adjust your grip the better!

      Best regards,


  • Good morning,
    May I inquire about the thickness of both the Granular and Rubber versions? I’ve tested the Granular on a friend’s Gen 4, Glock 21 and I really like it except for a slight amount of ‘chafing’ of my palm. I’m very interested in the Rubber version but is it thicker than the Granular? Thank you very much. Rich K

    1. Hi Rich,

      Good question. Both grip materials are just under .5mm when installed. The rubber texture is more versatile and forgiving, I think you’ll like it.

      Best regards,


  • I use the granulated grips for carry aiwb and do not have a problem with snagging or increased printing. I always wear a T-shirt, so they never rub against my skin, so that aspect of potential discomfort is not an issue. To me, the purchase provided by these is simply superior.

  • I have never been a fan of the grips on polymer guns , especially my XD’s and the rubber slip on type grips are a pain to put on. I have used the rubber grip on several polymer pistols and really like the feel and added grip when firing. On the XD pistols it makes the grip much more comfortable. I decided to try one of the granulate type on my MP 40 full size and also like the feel. It is a bit abrasive but works very well if your hands are sweaty or wet. I have also used the granulate material in small strips on both sides of the slide to give a better grip when racking it. Also a small piece above the trigger guard is a god reminder to keep you finger off the trigger unless firing.

  • Grantulate On my Glock 43 specifically because, I am carrying it! I totally understand people thinking that these grips will be rough on you, but when properly holstered they won’t. These particular grips are much better looking and better on the draw in my opinion Most people choose the rubber.This company has been the best company for me and they have treated me with the greatest of respect. No need for stippling for me I will just order these grips they look the same anyway and save me hundreds of dollars and I can still complete a custom pistol doing all of the other upgrades instead of the grip keeping the pistol mostly original in the process and protecting it. There is no other choice for me I recommend these 100%

  • My first set of Talons was the granulated, and while I liked the way it locked the gun in my hand, they were kind of a drag against bare skin for summer carry under a t-shirt. Every set I’ve bought since have been the rubber and I’ve been very satisfied with them. I’ll continue to be a repeat customer !

  • I have Talons on my Glocks. Try Granulate on one; I didn’t like it, so I went back to the rubber type. Put a gray rubber Talon on a Glock 42, but I prefer the black rubber. I have a Glock 19 Gen 4 with the Moss rubber which looks nice and feel good. Finally I placed Talon rubber grips on my Sub 2000 PCC. Great product.

  • I have both Rubber and Granulate on various pistols I own , I tend to like the rubber For me better feel and looks . Just received a new M.20 45 and S&W has sand paper on the grips from the factory. really uncomfortable, as I carry every day for work. I ordered rubber Talon to cover the new style S&W grip. got a new Performance S&W 45 shield on order and have new rubber grips coming for that also. have the rubber on both Sigs the 938 and the 320 compact and my 9mm Shield and body guard . Both Rugers have the granular, good grips but they are smaller pistols a 380 and a 9 mm so they don’t press against my body as hard as the 45s , Depending on the feel and use it’s up to the individual but either way I don’t think you can go wrong with Talon grips or the staff at the company Quality all the way around.

  • From reading through these comments it looks like I am going to go with the rubber grips! Thanks for everyone’s feedback! I did have a question, do the grips only come in the 2-3 colors right now? I would love to have a tiffany blue grip on my 43! Thanks again, guys!

    1. Tiffany blue is a popular request! Right now our rubber texture is available in Black and Moss(our version of Flat Dark Earth). Stay tuned, we’re always coming out with new products.


  • I have the rubber talon grips on 2 of my hand guns. One after wearing all day a little of the glue leaked out where it’s folded over. Is this normal. And what if anything can I do to fix it. I did heat the grip several time before use.

    1. George,
      Try using a cloth with some isopropyl alcohol on it to clean the adhesive you are seeing. You should get 1-3 years of life out of our grips with heavy use.
      You can contact our customer service at info@talongrips.com.

  • It is good to know which grip might be best for a concealed weapon. My dad and I are thinking about getting our concealed weapon permits, but we don’t know too much about grips yet. Thanks for the tip that rubber textured grips are good for concealed firearms because they don’t rub or snag on your clothing.

  • Will the rubberized grips work on the G19 RTF grips? I ask because the RTF is not comfortable for concealed carry- so your rubberized grip may be a compromise.

    Also- how would you compare the granulate to the RTF texture?


    1. Bill,

      Thanks for the question. Our grips stick great to the RTF on Glocks. The Rubber-Black texture tames the abrasiveness of the RTF and it provides a better grip on the gun due to the lower durometer rubber used to make the texture.

      The Granulate texture is our most aggressive and abrasive texture. It is significantly rougher than Glock’s RTF. The Granulate excels for Military, Law Enforcement, and Competition use where the strongest grip possible is vital.


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