Kydex IWB holsters are the most popular holsters for many reasons; they are durable, fairly simple to make (with experience), and reasonably priced. One drawback is they are made of slippery plastic which has a tendency to move around when concealed.  Many people using Kydex IWB holsters have dealt with the holster slipping down and an undershirt riding up.

A solution to holster and undershirt movement is adding a patch of TALON Grip material on the inside of the holster. The grip material will increase the friction between the holster and the undershirt preventing the holster from slipping down and the undershirt from riding up. We prefer to use the rubber grip material because it is not as abrasive as granulate material and it’s more user friendly, it won’t wear a hole in your shirt of skin.

If you have any other ideas on how to use TALON Grip material please leave a comment below.

One of the many uses of TALON Grip material
Holster Grips?

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