It’s that time of the year, the holidays are over and the firearms industry travels from all over the world to Las Vegas, NV to meet for SHOT Show.

We will be showing our products to retailers, law enforcement agencies, military, and the media. The show is not only a good time to meet new business partners but to strengthen the relationships with existing partners.

One caveat is SHOT Show is only open to manufacturers, retailers, and the media. If you want to attend a firearms tradeshow open to the public consider the NRA Annual Meetings in Georgia April 27-30. 

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TALON Grips SHOT Show Booth 2017
TALON Grips Attends SHOT Show 2017

2 thoughts on “TALON Grips Attends SHOT Show 2017

  • How can we tell how long your product has been in a retailersinventory so that we don’t get old stock that might not have as good an adhesive property ascurrent profuction? I’ve got a GLOCK 23 gen 3

    1. We’ve got grips in the office that are over 5 years old and when they’re applied they stick just like the grips that came off the production line. We don’t have a best by date on any of our grips. If you get a grip and you have any issues with, let us know within 90 days of purchase and we’ll replace your grip.

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