The old adage goes “Practice makes perfect” but what if you are practicing wrong? How would you even know? Practice is only beneficial if you correct your shortcomings, and you can only correct the problems you are aware of. This was the inspiration for Shot Trainer.

Source to HEX  aims to solve the problem of ineffective practice through software and hardware tools that enable our users to receive real time relevant feedback about what they are doing. Their flagship product is Shot Trainer, a shot timer and analysis app for the Apple Watch. Shot Trainer is available as a free download for iOS.

Shot Trainer, unlike other shot timer apps and dedicated timers, utilizes the motion capture capabilities of the Apple Watch to enable additional functionality. This data allows Shot Trainer to filter out nearby shooters, pick up the shots from suppressed firearms, and report how long it took the user to recover from recoil after each shot. Additionally, Shot Trainer keeps a history of all previous shooting sessions. This lets you focus on training while at the range and review your results later.




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Cool Stuff: Source to HEX Shot Timer for Apple Watch

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