In this T&E for Talon Gun Grips we will be reviewing the Made in the USA Government Model style 9mm Auto Ordnance 1911. For the record, Auto Ordnance is no stranger to the firearms industry. My familiarity with Auto Ordnance goes back many years, when I adopted their .30 caliber Paratrooper Model M1 Carbine; a rifle that has been flawlessly reliable. As many of you also
know, the 9mm Kahr Arms P9 (Polymer) Pistol that I own and evaluated for Talon Gun Grips is also a proven design, that has been flawlessly reliable.


The first thing that you notice when you examine the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911, is the high quality of the fit and finish of this firearm. Your impression of the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 will soar even higher, when you rack the slide for the first time. This pistol is so easy to operate, I actually wondered if the recoil spring was strong enough to cycle the slide, when this firearm was fired. I mention this, because anyone who has test fired various pistols knows from experience, that some makes and models have noticeably heavy recoil springs. This is not the case with the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911.

Before I began field testing the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 I disassembled this pistol for two reasons. First and foremost, I wanted to inspect the internal components, to see how this pistol  compared to other 1911s, including more expensive firearms. My internal inspection of this pistol revealed, that the Auto Ordnance 1911 is a very well made firearm, with superb fit and finish for a
base model. Second, I always clean and lubricate a new firearm before sending rounds downrange.


The second I pulled the trigger and I began to field test the Kahr Arms Auto Ordnance Government Model 9mm 1911, I was very impressed with the performance of this firearm. In fact, the first thing you notice, is that the all steel construction of this 9mm 1911 absorbs recoil like a sponge.

In addition to testing this pistol with the 9 round Checkmate magazines that came with this firearm, the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 was also tested with two 9 round 9mm Mec-Gar 1911 magazines that worked well in this pistol. However, I did experience problems with two new 10 round flush fit MecGar 9mm 1911 magazines. This surprised me to no end, because over the years I have found
MecGar magazines to be flawlessly reliable when used in various SIGs, a Walther/ Manhurin PP, two different 9mm Browning Hi Powers, two different CZ 75s, as well as in an IWI 9mm Jericho pistol. I plan to file a T&E report on the use of MecGar 9mm 1911 magazines in a future article.

During the first range session, the all steel Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 functioned reliably with 124 and 147 grain Speer FMJ ammunition, 124 and 147 grain Federal hollow-point ammunition and some old 147 grain BVAC hollow-point ammunition. When I conducted a second range session I tested this pistol with some additional Speer 147 grain FMJ ammo, as well as with 9mm 135 grain
Federal Personal Protection HP ammo and 9mm 124 grain Speer Gold Dot hollow-point ammunition.

As far as accuracy goes, the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 delivered sub-one inch groups at 7 yards from a standing unsupported position. This is pretty impressive when you consider that the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 is equipped with the lowest profile fixed sights imaginable. These  sights are the same sights used on every “plain Jane” Government Issue (G.I.) 1911 that saw widespread service with armed professionals for a large portion of the 20 th Century. I can only assume,
that my familiarization with G.I. model 1911s, made it possible for me to effectively engage targets, with the small fixed sights that are installed on the Auto Ordnance pistol.

During the second range session I effectively engaged a TQ19 Law Enforcement Qualification Target at various distances out to 25 yards. This included making head shots and center mass torso shots, at extended distances with the Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911.


The Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 is a pleasure to shoot on a sustained basis and is ideally suited for use by anyone, who is challenged by using a pistol fitted with a heavy recoil spring. The soft  shooting nature of this pistol also makes the 9mm 1911 an excellent training pistol for novice shooters.

As far as features go, the Auto Ordnance 1911 has a 5 inch barrel, a drift adjustable rear sight, military style brown plastic grip panels, a thumb safety, a grip safety and a firing pin block to prevent this firearm from accidentally discharging if dropped. The Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 weighs 38.4 ounces unloaded. While this pistol is currently made in Massachusetts, production of Auto Ordnance 1911s is in the process of being relocated to a facility in Greeley, Pennsylvania. The retail price for the Kahr Arms Auto Ordnance 9mm 1911 is $766. The next 9mm 1911 that I will be evaluating for the Talon Gun Grips Blog and Newsletter is a 9mm Ruger SR1911 (Lightweight) Commander Model.

About the Author

Nick Jacobellis is a Medically Retired Senior Special Agent of the U.S. Customs Service who was physically disabled in the line of duty while working in undercover operations. Prior to joining the U.S. Customs Service the author served as a police officer and investigator for various law enforcement agencies in New York. To date, the author has published over 180 magazine articles and eight books.

The author has a Bachelor of Science Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is married and has two sons and two grandsons.

Nick’s books include:

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The Kahr Arms Auto Ordnance 9MM 1911 by Nick Jacobellis

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