IWI Madada 9MMThe 9MM IWI Masada

When I initially field tested the 9mm IWI Masada for Police One, this pistol was configured in its factory format and was not equipped with TalonĀ  Rubber Grips. Even so, the Masada proved to be very comfortable to operate and shoot. Other members of my test team were also very impressed with this pistol when it was initially evaluated.

As I continued to field test the Masada, I had a set of Talon Rubber Grips installed on this pistol. Installing a set of Talon Rubber Grips on the Masada improved ergonomics even more, by adding a more positive gripping surface to the frame of this pistol. In addition to increasing the level of comfort when drawing and handling this pistol, the installation of Talon Rubber Grips also made the Masada more comfortable to shoot. This was especially the case during rapid fire drills. I should also mention, that I improved the capabilities of the test pistol even more, when I had a set of three dot Meprolight Night Sights installed on the Masada.

The 9mm IWI Masada is an outstanding high capacity striker fired 9mm pistol, that is considerably more ergonomic than some other makes andĀ  models. (Both 10 and 17 round magazines are available for the Masada.) Hopefully, a subcompact version of the 9mm Masada will be made available in the near future.

About the Author

Nick Jacobellis is a Medically Retired Senior Special Agent of the U.S. Customs Service who was physically disabled in the line of duty while working in undercover operations. Prior to joining the U.S. Customs Service the author served as a police officer and investigator for various law enforcement agencies in New York. To date, the author has published over 180 magazine articles and eight books.

The author has a Bachelor of Science Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is married and has two sons and two grandsons.

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The 9MM IWI Masada By Nick Jacobellis

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