By Nick Jacobellis

Hecker and Koch P30SK, HK 45, and P30

Over the years I have trained with, carried and or field tested the following Heckler & Koch firearms: a DA/SA HK Mark 23 .45 ACP (suppressed & un-suppressed) pistol, a DA/SA HK USP 45, a 9mm DA/SA HK USP, a 9mm HK USP Compact LEM trigger, a 9mm DA/SA HK P30, a 9mm HK P30 with a Light LEM Trigger, a 9mm HK P30 SK Sub Compact with a Light LEM Trigger, a 9mm DA/SA HK P2000, a DA/SA HK P2000 in .40 S&W, a DA/SA HK P2000 in .357 SIG, a HK P2000 SK Sub Compact with a Light LEM Trigger in .357 SIG, a 9mm HK P2000 SK Sub Compact with a Light LEM Trigger, a HK VP9, a HK 45 with a Light LEM Trigger and a DA/SA HK45.

For the record, to date, I have NEVER experienced a stoppage or a malfunction of any kind with any of the Heckler and Koch Pistols that I have field tested, trained with and carried.  I have also never experienced a stoppage, or a malfunction of any kind, with any of the 9mm HK MP 5 submachine gun variants that I have tested and trained with.


Heckler & Koch VP9SK With TALON Grip and Olight

For those of you who are unfamiliar with HK trigger options, the Light LEM has a super smooth and very light Double Action style of trigger travel, that transitions to a striker fired style of trigger to discharge the pistol.  Another way to put this, is to say, the HK Light LEM Trigger system produces a very user friendly cadence, that enables the operator to set up the shot, while the trigger is being cycled to the rear.  At the end of this short, smooth and very consistent DA trigger pull, the operator will engage a striker fired style trigger to fire the pistol.  Simply put, the Light LEM combines the finer points of a DA trigger with a Striker Fired style trigger system.


The ergonomics on the Heckler & Koch P30 are hard to beat

Heckler & Koch entered the so called modern era of firearms production, when they began developing pistols that incorporated the use of different size back straps to “improve” ergonomics. H&K began offering different size back straps on the HK P2000 series of pistols.  HK improved on this technology even more, when they designed the P30 series of pistols.  Every HK P30 includes different size back straps, as well as add on side panels, that are designed to provide subtle changes in ergonomics.  The striker fired HK VP9 and VP9 Sub Compact also offers options, when it comes to the use of interchangeable back straps.

Even though my 9mm DA/SA USP pistol fits my hand like a glove, the USP is an older design that offers no interchangeable back straps or side panel options.  Installing a set Talon Rubber Grips on my USP improved the ergonomics and also provided a more secure grip on the pistol, especially under recoil.  This comment was echoed by a buddy of mine, who ran the firearms training program for the agency that he worked for before he retired.  According to Retired School District Patrol Sergeant Rick Batory, he noticed these improvements even more, when conducting rapid fire drills with his VP9SK Sub Compact. Even though I find my 9mm P30 with the Light LEM Trigger to be a very soft shooting pistol, a set of Talon Pro Grips were installed on this HK to improve the gripping surface on this pistol.

One of the author’s favorite Heckler & Koch pistols, a 9mm USP with a TALON Grip


My personal favorite HK Pistols are the 9mm DA/SA HK USP, the HK 45 with a Light LEM Trigger, the 9mm P30 with a Light LEM Trigger, the 9mm P30 SK Sub Compact with a Light LEM Trigger and the 9mm HK P2000 SK Sub Compact with the Light LEM trigger.  While my DA/SA 9mm USP is an excellent “go to war gun” and is very well suited for survival situations and home defense, this pistol is a tad too large for concealed carry during most of the year.  The same is true of the HK45.  

As a result, I consider my 9mm HK P30 Light LEM, the 9mm HK P30 Light LEM SK Sub Compact and the 9mm HK P2000 SK Sub Compact Light LEM to be three Top Guns for concealed carry.  I am also in the process of evaluating a 9mm HK VP9 Sub Compact and will let you know how this pistol compares to other sub compact semi autos.


In addition to improving overall ergonomics, applying a pair of Talon Grips to the gripping surface of a firearm, will also add just enough rubber material to enable you to hold onto your firearm with wet, bloody, or sweaty hands.  You can also soften the impact of recoil by installing a set of Talon Rubber Grips on a handgun.  This is something that I have to deal with, after decades of shooting all types and calibers of handguns.  (Getting older hasn’t helped.)  As a result, I know from experience, that installing the right set of rubber grips on a handgun can make shooting a more comfortable experience.

 About the Author

Nick Jacobellis is a Medically Retired Senior Special Agent of the U.S. Customs Service who was physically disabled in the line of duty while working in undercover operations. Prior to joining the U.S. Customs Service the author served as a police officer and investigator for various law enforcement agencies in New York. To date, the author has published over 180 magazine articles and eight books.

The author has a Bachelor of Science Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is married and has two sons and two grandsons.


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Heckler and Koch Pistols- A Law Enforcement Officer’s Perspective
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